Class Pricing and Descriptions

Drop in: $17 Adult
$12 academic teachers (k-12) & Seniors over 65
$10 college students & police/fire/emts
11 Class Pass :$150/ Teachers & Seniors $130/ Student 11 class pass $100
Monthly Unlimited: $140.  
Spring Awakening Special… $49.99 monthly unlimited.  April and May only!

Class Descriptions
Vinyasa: Literally “Movement on Breath.” Challenging, longer holds. All levels.

Flow: flowing,energy-moving,healing, restorative ending. All levels.

Daily Yoga :  Foundational poses – Vinyasa Style

Yoga Foundations with Steve:   Yoga Foundations teaches the basics of yoga poses and breathing techniques in a mindful, safe and reflective manner.  The class is moderately paced to cultivate strength, flexibility and balance within a gentle, continuous sequence of postures.  Foundations is an opportunity to explore postures in order to find ease, comfort and healthy alignment while at the same time strengthen and open the body.  The class is designed for all students eager to deepen their understanding and experience.

Relax and Restore with Steve:  Relax and Restore is an all-levels meditative class of calming, quieting poses and long holds, designed to help you unwind . Students are encouraged  to move at their own pace and cultivate a sense of intuitive movement. Each 75 minute class features soft music and often gentle assists with a lengthened savasana. Suitable for beginners through seasoned practitioners.

Gentle Yoga:  Increase your strength and flexibility- benefits include stress relief, mindful breathing, and harmonizing body, mind and spirit by incorporating fundamentals of restorative and active postures.

Kripalu :  Ideal for those new to yoga or anyone wanting to deepen their practice and improve health and sense of well being.  Kripalu is a hatha yoga practice with a compassionate approach and an emphasis on safe alignment, breath work and meditation.  In a Kripalu class, each student learns to find their own level of practice by looking inward.  Classes begin with warm-up movements and breath awareness in preparation for yoga poses.  The heart of each class is a sequence of postures that stretch, strengthen and balance the body.  Each class ends with deep relaxation and centering.  

Kundalini Inspired: Chakras Yoga Classes are Kundalini inspired and are mixed with hatha, chanting, and meditation. This class is for healing and inward focus.  We build heat in the body with pranayama, which leads to lasting change.  This yoga class explores the subtle energies of the body, brings the mind’s focus inward, and creates space for the new.

Balance, Strength and Flow: A class that incorporates balance, strength and flow into a Vinyasa yoga practice. The intention of the class is to foster an appreciation for the human body, to help all students to age gracefully and move with fluidity as we engage in our life path.

Yoga Core Foundation: A class for all levels who want to stretch, build some heat, connect to the body and strengthen the core.  The class begins with a meditation and pranayama, followed by gentle movement with focus on creating space in the body and elongating the spine, fostering strong connection and centering.  The heat builds with some strength, flow and balancing poses and ends with stretching and heart opening poses and relaxation.

Foundations and Flow:  This new class will begin with a focus on breath and some gentle stretches. Then we will move into a flow and wind down with poses that build strength and balance. Open to all levels.

Inspired Circle: Lead by our own Interfaith Minister, Gail Cantor, this is a Spiritual Dialogue with some Ritual, Meditation, and Pranayama.  This class is for all faith’s, all people, all mindsets.  It is a way to awaken the connection to higher self and power while facilitating dialogue among people in a community.

Meditation Series with Joan: Tap into the peace, wisdom, and love that is your Nature.  Experience what happens when you let your body breathe, bring your attention to your heart, and gently, rest there, feeling.  Become the wise, compassionate observer of your thoughts. This is a three week, heart focused meditation series for all levels. Click here for more information.

SAY YES to Kids (Self-Aware Youth, Youth empowerment Series): This is an 8 week class focusing on Educating kids about connecting to who they are, what their strengths are, & what they need emotionally, energetically and physically to be balanced and mentally, emotionally and physically well. Each week will cover topics to help balance energy, tune into self and what the body/mind and spirit needs for balance.  Click here for more information.

Mindful Living Series: This 8 week series is an introduction and guide to help you live your life more purposefully and with presence.  This series introduces you to simple, grounded and realistic ways to reduce the harmful effects of stress in your life, balance the digestive and nervous system of the body and life a more fulfilled and healthy life.  The series includes: mindful eating, mindful time management, mindful movement, mindful practice, mindful communication and relationships, mindful moments and mindful meditations.  Click here for more information.

Ananda Shanti never refuses anyone from Yoga or Kirtan…please see Shankari to make arrangements if financial issues are holding you back from your practice.


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