SHANKARI, Founder/Master Teacher

shankariShankari (Janet Shapiro) was given her name by her beloved teacher in 1989. She started her yoga journey with the study of meditation, chant and yogic philosophy. Having studied extensively with her teacher in the ashrams in New York, California, Switzerland, and at the Mother Ashram in India, Shankari has gained deep understanding of this ancient wisdom, which she applies to everyday living. She draws upon her dedication to daily practice to support her unique style of teaching. Trained in Iyengar, Jiva Mukti, Anusara, Hatha and structural yoga methods, Shankari was certified to teach yoga in 1996. She has owned Ananda Shanti Yoga for over 15 years in several locations on the North Shore and is pleased to be back in Manchester. Passionate about keeping the true integrity and respect for the yoga lineage at ASYS, Shankari strives to hold the sacredness of yoga for the greater community. Firm in her belief that yoga studios are not fitness centers, she believes good health comes from a balance of devotional and physical yogas.Shankari shares her love of Kirtan, the sacred practice of chanting, with her students as a powerful, devotional aspect of yoga. Shankari and The Ananda Shanti Yoga Bandhave played at yoga studios and offer Kirtan evenings at ASYS . She is currently working on her new CD, fusing ancient chant with popular sounds for all to enjoy.A skilled psychotherapist with a Master’s degree in counseling psychology and 20 years of a successful private practice, she focuses on a holistic approach for her clients. Shankari is a gifted energy healer and integrates the body/mind philosophy in her private practice. Teaching and training at the Polarity Institute in Ipswich and the Center for Body Oriented Psychotherapy in Boston, she has studied Reiki, cranial sacral work, sound therapy, nutritional care, and cleansing techniques. She provides psychotherapy and healing to individuals, couples, family and children. A committed and enthusiastic student, Shankari continues to study as a dedicated teacher and brings her discoveries directly to her practice and her students

JERRY URBAN, Instructor

jerryHave you ever come into something that you knew would change your life forever? This was yoga for Jerry. But it was not an immediate change or something readily apparent, at first. It was a slow and steady progression through years of practicing and quitting and practicing some more, slowly gaining little awakenings, transitions and transformations, and on occasion, even recognizing them. Each time he went away from yoga, there was always something bringing him back, usually a girlfriend. And then one day, it just stayed with him. And he’s been thankful ever since. Though his primary influence is Shiva Rea, it would be hard to exclude any instructor that he’s ever practiced with or any number of styles of yoga that he’s touched upon. Inspiration comes in many different forms and occasionally it requires a change or shift to find where it’s hiding. Each teacher sharing their inspirations and practice provides a new and different avenue of thought or perhaps, a new path to follow. So come and do a little digging with Jerry, you might like what you find.



Twenty years ago as a result of many years of physical activity, Steve was diagnosed with sciatica. The orthopedic surgeon Steve visited recommended disc herniation surgery to relieve the pain and pressure by the spine on the sciatic.

Steve told the doctor that he wantedto schedule the procedure in three months so he could explore alternative remedies. Steve tried pilates, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage and finally yoga. He found relief from yoga and eventually his condition improved and he was hooked on yoga.

Steve`s practice is based in Hatha and Ashtanga disciplines and influenced by the teachings, philosophies and discoveries of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Barbara Bernaugh.

Steve`s classes invite you to breathe, move, explore and relax in your body. A portion of each class is devoted to either instruction in the execution of a particular posture or the exploration and alignment of the body to improve movement, posture and strength.

SUZY YAKES, Instructor


Suzy is a dedicated yoga practitioner, both on and off the mat. Yoga is a way of life for her, a part of who she is that has transformed how she connects with herself and interacts with the world.

Suzy has spent over 15 years deepening her personal yoga practice. Her path has been shaped by many mentors including: Tim Miller, Nancy Gilgoff, Erich Shiffman, Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, Michael Stone, David Swenson, Sarah Powers, Stephen Cope, Richard Freeman and Coby Kozlowski and Michelle Dalbec.

While Suzy’s yoga practice is deeply rooted in the Ashtanga lineage, she incorporates other styles of yoga such as vinyasa, Kripalu, Iyengar, yin and restorative giving her the opportunity to develop a deep sense of trust to nourish her body, mind and spirit.

Suzy’s deep gratitude for yoga led to a strong desire to share the practice with others. After moving to the North Shore and teaching in the Salem Public School District, she wanted to find another way to serve the greater community. The Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training Program resonated with Suzy’s experience of cultivating self-compassion and becoming a beginner again each time she steps on the mat. The Kripalu yoga sequences support the development of non-judgmental self-awareness and acceptance in a very beautiful and vulnerable way.

Suzy’s classes are ideal for those new to yoga, new to the Kripalu approach or anyone wanting to deepen their practice. She provides a safe, supportive environment for students, empowering them to experience balance between effort and ease and inviting them to discover their own bodily wisdom.

AVERY MCNIFF, Instructor

Avery’s classes are light-hearted, strengthening, and nurturing for students of all levels. She teaches both kids and adults and enjoys bringing a sense of play into all of her classes. Avery initially came to yoga as an avid runner and it took many attempts for the practice to stick. However, upon moving back to the North Shore in 2015, she found a supportive yoga community and began to deepen her practice and uncover a greater connection with her body, breath, and spirit. She hopes to give back and share these benefits of yoga with individuals of all ages and abilities.

Avery received her 200-hour teacher training certificate with Paula Passanisi in YogaJoy Flow, a Forrest inspired practice. She is also certified in Mindfulness and Yoga for Children, Yoga for Children and Teens with Special Needs, and Trauma Informed Yoga through ChildLight Yoga.

As both an educator and kids yoga teacher,  Avery encourages youth to discover the power of their imagination, creativity, and individuality. Her classes for kids incorporate breath work, stretching, partner poses, art and reflection.


Patrick has a background in martial arts and the healing arts of yoga. He has a slow practice during which he will guide you through the poses with breath and assists both spiritual and physical .



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Phone: 978.525.0366

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