Study – Stillness Group

With Shankari

THE SANGHA: Ananda Study-Stillness Group

Group Meetings :   please contact Shankari if you are interested in joining

Books needed:

1. Yoga Sutras of Patanjali , Interpreted by M. Tom Stiles. ( Amazon)

2. The Book Of Chakras: Discover The Hidden Forces within You, by Ambika Wauters (Amazon)


Prerequisite and Agreement

1. Meeting with Shankari prior to group participation.

2. Must practice yoga asana weekly (at least one year- unless Shankari wavers).

3. Must commit to the group for at least 3 months.

4. Must have an exit interview with Shankari when leaving.

5. Must be responsible for holding your space each week, paying the weekly fee of $35.00 even if you cannot come.

6. If you cannot make your group time you can talk with Shankari prior to the group and participate in the other group’s monthly time.

7. Be on time during your monthly meeting. Must be sitting in circle and ‘ready’ at least 5 minutes before the group time.

8. Must bring notebook and study books to each session.


What is This Sangha : Study-Stillness Group?

The intention of this group is to provide and be in a safe and sacred space for those who would like to discover and explore the deeper understanding and experience of the True Self Within …SACRED PRESENCE.

We will explore the energetics of the Self and practice meditation, pranayama, bhakti yoga, eight-limb yoga, mantra, japa, color healing, and sound healing.

We will look at contemporary teachers and discuss how their evolutionary awareness applies to our own life experiences and anchors us into the ancient wisdom of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

There will also be an opportunity to personally observe how and where you may block your life force through limited thoughts, conditioning and belief systems of the mind. We will look at our projections and perceptions that we have on others which keep us in the suffering of the mind. The group is a place where you can take action and break free from these illusions of the mind.

We will discover the difference between “trying to make something happen” vs “opening up to what wants to happen”.

During the time before and after the group, each student may have both an inner assignment (meditation) and outer assignment of exploring sacred teachings of both contemporary and ancient teachers (gurus). We will look at this from a spiritual, psychological and physical aspect.

We will also tap into how we are all connected to universal energy and the play of consciousness.

Each month we will do a group check in to see what you are up-against, followed by a meditation and then a focus on a theme for the month. Both discussion and practice will be guided by Shankari.

Group participation is important. This does not mean we will analyze or stay in the psychological story. However, we will identify the pattern and condition, but now transform this so one does not stay in the psychological process of thoughts. This is not group therapy in its traditional sense.

We are working on the notion that “We already are Enlightened- Aware of Our Presence…We already have everything we are looking for…We have just forgotten.”. So this class is ultimately about truly remembering and maintaining this awareness, beyond being a concept but a true realization.

This is not a class of self improvement or stress reduction, for the Self needs no improvement and has no stress.

Shankari will offer the group strong insight into how the mind is the veil to your personal suffering. She will compassionately challenge these veils so you can lift your own veil of ignorance. We will move from conceptual thinking to discovery and experiencing the true stillness.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Shankari directly at If your name is placed on the waiting list, please do not worry as there will be a space for everyone. Please trust the process….Om shanti Om.

With Respect,



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